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Data Flow Diagram Level 0 & 1

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The purpose we prepare this is to provide a graphical information of the flow of data through eEasy Online Shopping Store Website System.

Level 0 - Description

At first, the Web Administrator will monitor the website activities and take care management of the website. Meanwhile, the user can assess the website for buying, selling or to get product information.


 Level 1 – Description


The Web Administrator will monitor the website’s activities and the management of the website. The web administrator will have the full access into the website. Once the user add item to sell list in website, administrator will receive the items details to take into consideration. Only after administrator approve, the item will only be allowed to go into sell list of the eEasy Online Shopping Store Website. So, our website is act as a medium between the seller and customer(buyer). Beside that, our website will serve to provide the details of all product listed there, if a user intend to buy, he/she has to contact the seller and make payment through the website

Meanwhile, the user can access the website for buying, selling or to get product information. As only a registered user can buy or sell items in eEasy Online Shopping Online Store Website, he/she must agree to the terms and conditions of the system. Once register, he/she will receive a verification mail to his/her email, which have a link to our website. By clicking on the link then will direct verify the user’s registration and then he/she will become a official member in eEasy Online Shopping Store.

A seller can advertise the item he/she willing to sell with the personal detail. If the item advertise is not approve by administer, he will receive a message from administer regarding it. The user still can review the detail about the item he/she willing to sell which is still wait for administrator consideration.

To the user who wants to buy an item, he/she can access to contact detail of the seller. He/she can contact the seller regarding the item.



Prepared By Yeoh Tze Wei (Team Leader),Soh Wee Long(Programming Leader 1)

Checked By Bryan Chia Wen-Jun (Programming Leader 2)

Posted By Phang Xiao Shen(Design Manager)

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