Thursday, July 30, 2009

Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD)

Updated 2/9/2009

The purpose of draw this diagram to show the relationship among the objects and personal attributes that belong to them.

Diagram 1



1)Seller/Administrator is provided with a control panel page at the eEasy Online Shopping Store with series of functions.

2)The Control Panel contains edit file functions and website application functions.(Assumption : In order to have Edit File & Website Application functions, we must have a control panel first.[Mandatory]There may be a situation in which the functions is not necessary to implement.[Optional])

Diagram 2


1)Customer can places many order(one to one relationship) as they wish when in eEasy Online Shopping Store and viceversa.(Assumption:In order to have a list of order,we  must have at least one customer.[Mandatory]There may be situation in which placement order action is not necessary from the customer.[Optional])

2)Order can contains many order items details in the list and viceversa is part of the order.(Assumption:In order to have a order items details, we  must have at least one order taken from the customer.[Mandatory]There may be situation in which order items details is not necessary direct from the order list.[Optional])

3)Visitors can view many categories as they wish in eEasy Online Shopping Store.(many to many relationship)

4)Each category will contains many product.(one to many relationship)

5)The product will have the order items details.



Prepared By Yeoh Tze Wei(Team Leader)

Checked By Soh Wee Long(Programming Leader 2)

Documentation By Goh Seng Yiung(Documentation Manager)

Posted By Phang Xiao Shen(Design Manager)

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